Our J2ME-BREW porting framework makes porting of J2ME applications to BREW C++ platform easy.

The two platforms are very different and porting from one to the other is hard. Normally it requires substantial rewriting of parts of the application, leading to bigger effort, non-strict adherence to the specification, introducing new bugs, etc. The framework bridges the gap between the two platforms and allows the programmer to port preserving the code structure (C++ code under BREW remains isomorphic to the source Java code). This leads to dramatically increased programmer productivity. The process also provides guidance during the porting, which allows using less experienced developers for the port.

Framework components:
We provide both porting services and license the framework to other developers. We do porting for one of the most reputable Japanese game developer companies, and a Romanian software development company already uses our process with great success. Please contact us at brew@blue-edge.bg if you are interested.